Being a Mommy

Noah and Mommy

Okay, it’s official, I am a mommy, and I love it.  I found this picture in my Facebook from when my son (Noah) was about 5 months old.  He is now almost 2 years old, and I cherish these photos of him when he was so tiny.  Who knew that I would feel this way?  When he was tiny and could hardly move around at all, I couldn’t wait for him to be up and moving, now I look back and say, “I want to see him like that again!.”

Isn’t that what life is like sometimes?  We’re always wanting what we don’t have, wanting things to change for the better, then wanting them to change back to the way they were.

We dream of moving to Texas, then dream of moving back to California.  Some of us dream of moving to Europe and never want to come back (no names, but you know who you are).  But the point is, we’re always wanting something more.  It seems to be the human condition, or maybe it’s a human flaw.  Why not just be happy with what we have?  I have heard that the only way to be really be happy is to be happy.

Shall we try to be happy, guys and gals?  Let’s let go of the wanting, looking forward to, and planning for and live for the right nows.  Ever thought about what you will be like when … you get a better job, have a better house, write a novel, get married, or lose weight, etc?  Let’s live it up right in this minute, living up to who we want to be.  Let’s be that person that we know we would admire.

So, being a Mommy has taught me to be myself and to live in the moment.  That’s bliss, when your 2-year-old teaches you life’s most difficult lessons.

Peace and God’s Blessings.

Tsalagi – Laura – taking it slow, in the moment.


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